Audi E-Tron


Revolutionizing Vehicle Launch with Augmented Reality


About Audi

Audi, a leader in luxury car manufacturing, is known for shaping the future of the automobile industry with vehicles that epitomize style, innovation, and attitude.


The Challenge

For the launch of their E-Tron vehicles in Jamaica, Audi sought to create an engaging and unique audience experience, stepping away from traditional launch methods.



The Solution

The solution was a creative twist on the conventional 'Step and Repeat' - a custom augmented reality artwork. This artwork vividly depicted the two E-Tron vehicles set to be launched. Infused with AR technology, it provided attendees with an immersive and futuristic preview of the vehicles.


The Results 

  • Enhanced Engagement: The AR artwork offered a novel and interactive way for customers to experience and connect with the new E-Tron vehicles.
  • Innovative Presentation: This approach set a new standard for vehicle launches, demonstrating Audi's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.
  • Memorable Experience: The launch event became a memorable experience for attendees, effectively blending the allure of luxury cars with the excitement of augmented reality.