EXIM Bank AR Campaign

Reinventing Engagement at Expo Jamaica

About Exim Bank

Exim Bank stands as Jamaica's premier trade financing institution and holds the distinction of being the Caribbean's first Export-Import Bank. Renowned for its pivotal role in facilitating trade, Exim Bank is a cornerstone in the region's economic landscape.

The Challenge

Exim Bank aimed to create a standout booth space at Expo Jamaica, one that would be distinct and memorable, effectively representing the bank's innovative and dynamic nature.

The Solution

The centerpiece of their solution was an Augmented Reality (AR) Art Wall. This creative installation showcased Exim Bank's services in a manner that was both imaginative and engaging. The AR Art Wall was not only an attraction at the expo but was also designed to be repurposed across various communication channels - from billboards to social media - maximizing its reach and impact.


The Results
  • Creative Representation: The AR Art Wall provided a unique and creative representation of Exim Bank's services, making complex financial concepts accessible and engaging.
  • Versatile Marketing Tool: The repurposing of the AR piece across multiple channels amplified Exim Bank's message and ensured consistent engagement with a broader audience.
  • Standout Exhibition: At Expo Jamaica, the booth became a highlight, drawing attention and acclaim, and setting a new standard for exhibition engagement in the region.