Pepsi 92 FT AR Mural

Capturing Jamaica’s Cultural Essence in a Monumental Mural

About Pepsi

Pepsi, a globally recognized brand, holds a dominant position in the Jamaican soda market. Known for its dynamic marketing and deep connection with contemporary culture, Pepsi has become a staple in everyday life.


The Challenge

Pepsi faced the creative challenge of crafting a unique mural that not only resonated with its brand identity but also vibrantly showcased the cultural essence of Jamaica.



The Solution

The solution was a stunning 90-foot mural that encapsulated Pepsi's campaign themes, Jamaican culture, and innovative augmented reality (AR) elements. This mural was designed to be more than just a visual piece; it was an interactive experience blending art, technology, and cultural representation.



The Result
  • Cultural Celebration: The mural became a vivid celebration of Jamaican culture, reflecting the country's vibrant spirit and heritage.
  • Innovative Engagement: By incorporating AR, the mural offered an interactive experience, allowing viewers to engage with the artwork and Pepsi's brand in a novel way.
  • Iconic Landmark: The mural, with its size and significance, turned into an iconic landmark, making a lasting impression on both locals and visitors, and reinforcing Pepsi's strong presence in Jamaica.