Red Stripe Flavours


Redstripe: Transforming Beer Essence into Artistic Installations


About Redstripe

Redstripe, the iconic Jamaican beer, stands as a symbol of Jamaica and its vibrant culture. Renowned worldwide, Redstripe is not just a beer; it's an embodiment of the Jamaican spirit.



The Challenge

The challenge was to infuse the essence of Redstripe's flavorful beer into a physical location, transforming it into something more than just a beverage - making it a part of the art and culture it represents.



The Solution

The solution was as innovative as it was artistic: creating three large-scale AR (Augmented Reality) infused art pieces. These installations were designed to represent the unique characteristics of Redstripe, blending art with technology and flavor.



The Results

  • Artistic Innovation: The AR art installations transcended traditional boundaries, offering a unique and immersive experience that artfully represented the essence of Redstripe beer.
  • Permanent Engagement: These installations became a permanent fixture for the brand, providing a lasting point of interaction and engagement with audiences.
  • Brand Embodiment: The installations not only showcased Redstripe's flavors but also strengthened its position as a cornerstone of Jamaican culture and heritage.