Supreme Ventures 50ft AR Mural


Supreme Ventures Limited: Elevating Brand Presence with Cultural Art

About Supreme Ventures Limited

Supreme Ventures Limited aspires to be the leading provider of online lotteries and electronically distributed products and services, deeply rooted in the Jamaican culture.


The Challenge

Their goal was to create a visually striking and culturally resonant piece at their flagship location, something that would stand as a testament to their brand and its connection to Jamaica.


The Solution

The answer was a 50-foot augmented reality mural, a monumental piece that not only beautifies the space but also showcases the core cultural ties of Supreme Ventures' services to Jamaica. This mural blends technology with art, reflecting both the modernity of their services and the richness of Jamaican culture.


The Results
  • Iconic Visual Statement: The mural has become a staple visual piece, reinforcing the brand's presence and identity.
  • Cultural Connection: It emphasizes the deep cultural connections of Supreme Ventures, celebrating its Jamaican heritage.
  • Innovative Engagement: The augmented reality aspect provides an interactive experience, aligning with the company's focus on modern, technology-driven services.