Sumfest 30th Anniversary AR Campaign

Sumfest: Revolutionizing Engagement with Augmented Reality


About Sumfest

Sumfest is a globally celebrated reggae and dancehall festival, uniquely positioned in Montego Bay, Jamaica. As the only event in the Caribbean that amalgamates the vibrant worlds of reggae and dancehall, Sumfest offers an unparalleled experience, drawing in international acts and audiences to celebrate these genres.


The Challenge

In its 30th year, Sumfest faced the challenge of innovating the way it engages with its patrons. The goal was to not only commemorate this milestone anniversary but also to elevate the festival experience in a memorable and interactive manner.


The Solution

To address this, Sumfest introduced an AR village, a cutting-edge concept where attendees could immerse themselves in augmented reality experiences. This innovative space allowed patrons to capture unique photos, blending the festival's lively atmosphere with digital creativity. Additionally, four distinctive AR filters were developed, each representing different facets of the festival. These elements provided an interactive layer to the event, enhancing patron involvement.


The Results

The introduction of AR technology at Sumfest marked several significant achievements:

  • Innovative Audience Interaction: The AR features offered new ways for audiences to interact with the event, adding a layer of digital engagement to the live experience.
  • Unique Social Media Buzz: Prior to the event, the AR elements generated unique social media stories, building anticipation and excitement among potential attendees.
  • Pioneering in the Caribbean: Sumfest became the first festival in the Caribbean to integrate AR in such a comprehensive and engaging way, setting a new standard for event technology in the region.